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Watch, Rinse, Repeat: Royal Swedish Opera Gets Soapy

No, they’re not bringing in hot tub adultery or people coming out of long comas, but the Royal Swedish Opera is in fact getting its own brand of soap.

Watch, Rinse, Repeat: Royal Swedish Opera Gets Soapy

If you want to witness the human predisposition toward opera laid bare, you don’t go to the Met, you go to the shower. Or at least that’s what the creatives at DDB Stockholm believe.

Based on an abundance of research (AKA Youtube clips) suggesting that people naturally embrace opera (or at least singin) in the shower, DDB found a new way to promote its client, the Royal Swedish Opera and to draw a new generation of music fans to the opera. The agency recently introduced a product in Stockholm called Opera Soap.

This brand of soap comes in three different, appropriately titled scents: Carmen, La Bohème and Tosca. The lyrics of the scents are listed on the packaging so that users’ inner Pavorottis can go to town during shower time. At $30 a pop, it’s not the most affordable brand of soap on the market, but considering that the soaps also act as a ticket to the Royal Swedish Opera, it just might be a bargain. Bravo!

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