• 04.13.12

See What Disney Movie Posters Could Look Like In Another Universe

Freelance graphic designer Rowan Stocks-Moore makes adult-appropriate versions of Disney posters that buck the tired trends of today’s fare.

Long before every movie poster fell into one of a number of well-worn tropes, artists would produce simple, concise work that conveyed everything the potential viewer needed to know about the movie at hand. It was a time before giant floating head posters ruled the roost, and we were surely better off for it. Luckily, at least one person is trying to take us back there, one Disney picture at a time.


Freelance graphic designer Rowan Stocks-Moore, recently began a project that evokes the evocative poster art of yore, while adding a few layers. Like the retro mashup posters we saw in January, these reimagined Disney images remain faithful to the spirit of another era, while looking like more than just retro recreations. Stocks-Moore’s sometimes dark designs have a timeless quality that would be welcome at multiplexes today, were any studio willing to experiment.

Scroll through the slideshow above for the best of them.

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