A Cookie Coffee Cup That’s Easy To Recycle: Just Eat It

Drink your coffee, then eat your cup. That’s the latest attempt to change modern take-out culture, which usually comes with an unintended side order of trash. While we’ve come a long way from McDonald’s Styrofoam clamshells (phased out in the 1990s), most meals or snacks to go still come with lots of disposable packaging.

Not the “Cookie Cup,” an edible design cooked up by Venezuelan designer Enrique Luis Sardi for the Italian coffee brand Lavazza. “The cookie cup is made of pastry that is covered with a special icing sugar that works as an insulator making the cup waterproof and sweetening at the same time,” explains the website of Italian consulting firm Sardi Innovation, which managed the project. A chocolate version is reportedly on the way.

Since the cup isn’t yet on the market (it will be in production soon), its ultimate environmental impact is unknown, but the company claims to have already won hundreds of awards in ecology, marketing, and design for its work (without specifying exactly which ones, granted).

Containers to chow down on are becoming a bit of a trend. French design company Miit came up with a recipe for a digestible version of a chocolate fondue pot, while a Harvard professor has developed biodegradable plastic membranes that taste like their contents and may be eaten along with them. Bon appetit.MJC