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Orangina Is Back With More Sexual Politics And Uncomfortable Anthropomorphism

Agency Fred & Farid Paris delivers more anthropomorphic antics for Orangina’s Miss O–and this time, the “women” are running the show.

Orangina Is Back With More Sexual Politics And Uncomfortable Anthropomorphism

She’s telling a little white lie to have a night out with the girls. He’s cooked a romantic dinner for two but will be eating for one. She’s giving the “It’s not you–it’s me” speech. He’s not taking it so well. In a new series of spots created by agency Fred & Farid Paris for Miss O, Orangina’s sugar-free version of its popular carbonated beverages, stereotypical gender roles in relationships are reversed, easily answering the campaign’s tagline “Who’s Boss?” Now would be a good time to mention that the two “women” leading the feminist charge are a hyena and a wolf. Yes. A hyena and a wolf giving their (human) guys the business in commercials selling fizzy fruit juice.

Granted, anyone familiar with Fred & Farid’s work with Orangina knows they’re definitely no stranger to such anthropomorphic anomalies that, more times than not, cause controversy to bubble up. Exhibit A, 2007’s “Naturally Juicy”: A menagerie of buxom creatures shimmying, jiggling, and just plain dancing so dirty that the spot could only run after 9 p.m. in the U.K. Exhibit B, 2010’s “Orangina, Naturally”: A freshly shaven male cougar splashes on a little Orangina for fresher skin and a smoother pelt, with a sensuous caress from his beefy boyfriend affirming his cat toy has achieved both–and affirming the spot would later be banned from French television.

Compared with their past work, the one thing that’s noticeably different with Fred & Farid’s new ads for Miss O is the lack of computer animation–our furry and fierce heroines are actors. The spots were directed by Joseph Kahn. See the second spot and past Fred & Farid work below.

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