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Tic Tac’s Flash Mob Twist Ensures Maximum Bad Breath Paranoia

A French ad for Tic Tac breath mints uses an extensive, well-organized flash mob to demonstrate conclusively just how bad bad breath can be.

Tic Tac’s Flash Mob Twist Ensures Maximum Bad Breath Paranoia
[youtube Sh30EIkgE4o]

There’s just no good way to tell someone that their breath stinks. Close personal friends can get away with that kind of candor, but for acquaintances or (God forbid!) colleagues, it’s a much more complicated social equation. Tic-Tac France may have found the least tactful, but most effective way of all time, though.

In a new ad by creative agency, Ogilvy Paris, a series of flash mobs are used to show unsuspecting strangers that they have “the worst breath in the world” (or as they say in France, “La pire haleine du monde,” the title of the ad.) The leader of the mob approaches each mark in a bustling public setting to ask directions, and then falls down halfway through the response, as though suddenly overpowered by something strong and unseen. Soon everyone in the surrounding area falls down too, like a set of human dominoes that goes on and on. The effect is something like the Radiohead video, “Just,” meets Improv Everywhere, and will likely leave you checking your breath before your next conversation.

Below is an AT&T commercial that also harnessed the power of the flash mob to memorable effect.

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