Google’s Marissa Mayer Has 24 Hours To Create Something Artistic, Innovative

She’ll get help from artist Jon Rafman. As will other technology leaders paired with artists for this year’s Seven on Seven Conference at New York’s New Museum. Here are the other pairings–and the point of all of this.

Google’s Marissa Mayer Has 24 Hours To Create Something Artistic, Innovative
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The New Museum in New York City is helping to further the fusion of art and technology. Presented by HTC and organized by artist hub Rhizome, the third annual Seven on Seven Conference at the New Museum pairs the top technologists and artists of today and challenges them to develop an original work in 24 hours that’s to be presented the following day.


Starting Friday, the seven teams will work together across New York City to create apps, artwork, products, or whatever they can imagine, with their final projects unveiled during Saturday’s conference that will also include a keynote speech from author Douglas Rushkoff. The 14 participants span a wide range of backgrounds, from programmers and social media developers to photographers and sculptors, and were selected not just for their influential work, but also their openness to innovation and creating against the grain of convention. This year’s technologists and artists have been paired as follows:

* Aaron Swartz, programmer and cofounder of Demand Progress / Taryn Simon, photographer and installation artist focusing on social issues

* Khoi Vinh, former design director of the New York Times and co-creator of the Mixel app / Aram Bartholl, installation artist known for his public interventions that show the relationship between the digital world and reality

* Jeremy Ashkenas, creator of Coffeescript.js and Backbone.js, and member of the New York Times Interactive News Team / Stephanie Syjuco, sculpture and installation artist who addresses cultural biography, economic globalization, and labor in her work


* Marissa Mayer, vice president of Local, Maps, and Location Services at Google / Jon Rafman, filmmaker, artist, and essayist whose works delve into how technology impacts one’s consciousness

* Blaine Cook, founding architect of Twitter and cofounder of OAuth / Naeem Mohaiemen, an anthropologist exploring international history through essays, photography, and film


* Anthony Volodkin, founder of Hypemachine / Xavier Cha, performance artist whose work covers hierarchies of spaces, modes of technological mediation, and cultural exchange

* Michael Herf, founder of Picasa / LaToya Ruby Frazier, photographer and mixed-media artist using social documentary to break traditional narratives of urban growth

A new element to the conference has also been thrown in the mix that will ensure each duo’s project isn’t just a one-off creation, but is actually carried on to become something long-lasting. The Apprentice Program appoints a developer to the teams who will work with them in the following weeks after the conference to build out their ideas.

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