Texts From Hillary Creator Explains How To Make A Meme In A Day

First there was a picture of Hillary Clinton looking at her BlackBerry while wearing shades. Then there was Texts From Hillary. The co-creator of an instant meme explains how it happened.

In about a day, two photos of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sitting on a plane and looking at her phone became, according to a small handful of news outlets, a fresh political meme.


How do you create a meme in less than 24 hours? We asked Stacy Lambe, who created TFH along with fellow Washington communications guy, Adam Smith.

So, how did this happen?
(Wednesday) night, Adam (Adam Smith: and I were laughing about how the black and white photo of Hillary holding the BlackBerry went viral. We quickly decided it should be turned into a meme (that the two of us would have a laugh about). Mind you, this all happened at the bar after a few drinks.

The photo of Hillary is just brilliant. She looks so badass. How could you not be inspired by it?


What then?
Adam and I wrote some and then others are submissions and reblogs. People have been crazy with submitting. So we are trying to get all of those up to the site.

Beyond creating the images, how did you make it a thing?
It started off as a joke that I thought a few people would like. I reposted the blog to my own Tumblr. There, I’m fortunate to have a lot of followers who appreciate these sort of things. I was surprised to see them like and reblog it as much as they did. BuzzFeed linked to it and then it just started getting passed around. From there it snowballed.

What Have We Learned?
The Internet is a tricky place. I find that the less forced it is the better. People appreciate simple, yet smart humor. As far as the success? Like I mentioned before, I’m just lucky that I have a portal such as Tumblr to share these things.


Some some of Hillary’s texts in the slide show above and head to TFH for more.

[Image: veni markovski]


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