• 04.06.12

Meet The B Team Of Advertising Characters

Sure, you know Flo. But do you know Cheesus? See a world of weird advertising characters in our slide show.

Think about your favorite brand: Does it have a mascot? If so, chances are it’s borderline nightmare-inducing. Seriously, though: The Jolly Green Giant? He’s green and a giant–therefore he is a Hulk, therefore he is frightening. Chuck E. Cheese? Oh, yeah sure! Let’s give kids a giant rat they can love. The Kool-Aid Man? Nothing wrong at all with a giant pitcher of sticky sweet beverage leveling your house. Ronald McDonald? Clown…’nuff said.


As off-putting as these characters may be, they don’t hold a candle to the lesser-known gems here. Take a gander at everyone from Cheesus to Bleach Man in the slide show above. See many more here.

Hat tip: Laughing Squid.

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