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Watch This Van She Video Before Going Home For Easter

Pink Christmas trees, man-thongs, and air rifles. You know, just the typical daytime party stuff. Van She’s video for “Idea of Happiness” is very strange.

Watch This Van She Video Before Going Home For Easter

Have you ever gone to a party and knew immediately that you were about to have the best time? If not, then obviously you’ve never partied with the characters who populate Van She’s new video, “Idea of Happiness.”

Director Andreas Nilsson assembles a bizarre cast of characters in a video depicting what could be a family occasion or a holiday party that looks as enjoyable as it does disturbing. A be-thonged Frank Zappa look-alike arrives at the beginning, with a pink miniature Christmas tree in tow and an eye patch-wearing female companion. There’s some unambiguous flirting coming his way from a mysterious woman in white over a plate of hors d’oeuvres, and then it’s time to go down into the basement, which is decorated like a high school prom. What happens there, you should see for yourself. Just know that if your Easter weekend activities start getting you down, you can always add some air rifles, balloons, a tanning bed, aerosol hairspray, and a cowboy to pick things up a bit.

Below, you can watch another offbeat video by Andreas Nilsson, MGMT’s “Flash Delirium.”

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