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Intel Goes Back to the Wild West In Major New Ultrabook Campaign

Intel’s “New Era of Computing” campaign launches with an ad that suggests the Ultrabook’s competition may be stuck along the old dusty trail.

Intel Goes Back to the Wild West In Major New Ultrabook Campaign

It’s a familiar tableau: the old, western saloon. Heads turn and the showgirls cease shaking their feather boas as soon as this new guy walks in and draws his weapon of choice… an Intel Ultrabook.

Intel and San Francisco-based agency Venables Bell & Partners are launching a global campaign this week, beginning with an ad that pays homage to old-timey Westerns. The cinematic spot, “Desperado,” directed by Daniel Kleinman, kicks off the campaign entitled “A New Era of Computing” by making chunky, slower laptops look right at home in the anachronistic atmosphere of an outlaw-packed saloon.

This campaign is Intel’s largest since the launch of its Centrino in 2003, and the company is spending “hundreds of millions of dollars” on it. The coming weeks will see the arrival of two follow-up ads focusing on martial arts films in the school of House of Flying Daggers and Arthurian legend. Intel is also rolling out an online experience in a couple of weeks that lets users interact with the spots on an Ultrabook site.

“Desperado” premiers on television on April 6 after first appearing through paid promotion on Twitter (a U.S. first, says the agency).

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