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Volkswagen Denmark Allows Fans to Print Out A Polo

Agencies DDB Denmark and Society 46 have teamed up to create “The Polo Principle,” a campaign to promote the Polo with a chance to design and drive your own.

Volkswagen Denmark Allows Fans to Print Out A Polo

As part of the “The Polo Principle” campaign, Volkswagen Denmark aims to illustrate the process of engineering innovation by democratizing one of the tools of said innovation: 3-D printing.

The campaign, created by DDB Denmark and Society 46, focuses on accessible technology and innovation, and invites people to customize a Polo to their liking on Volkswagen’s site or upload their own design. The top 40 prototypes are being chosen by a panel of judges and will go on display in Copenhagen this May with the entrants receiving their (mini) 3D printed VWs in the mail afterward. However, only one final winner will have their tricked-out fantasy car come to life and the privilege to cruise around in it for two months in the summer.

“The Polo Principle” campaign, was created to convey the message that high-end innovations are available to Polo drivers. You can see the campaign’s anthem spot below or you can just skip all that and get started on your sweet desk ornament.

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