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Purina Assures Cat People: You’re Not Crazy. Really.

Purina sets out to prove that being a cat person doesn’t mean you’re an “ice cream-eating, nightgown-wearing crazy cat lady” with confessions from real cat lovers.

Purina Assures Cat People: You’re Not Crazy. Really.

A “cat person”: The phrase alone has the power to evoke images of floral printed muumuus covered in shed fur and a living room adorned with framed needlepoints of cats not even in one’s possession. Suffice it to say, being labeled as a cat person carries a less than favorable association than, say, being a dog person–and Purina wants that to change. In a new ad, cat owners dispel stereotypes and preconceived notions, speaking candidly to the camera and explaining that they’re not crazy, they just love their cats–a lot.

A 60-second version of the ad aired during the Academy of Country Music Awards show with the #catperson hashtag inviting fans of the feline persuasion to take to Twitter and profess to the world why they’re a cat person–their tweets being streamed the next day on two billboards in Times Square. If 60 seconds of pure cat lovin’ just isn’t enough for you, there exists a two-minute version of the ad below.

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