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Raunchy Teddy Bear Comedy “Ted” Uses Facebook Timeline To Bring Foul, Furry Character To Life

The creator of Family Guy makes his live-action debut this summer with a hard-R-rated comedy about a foulmouthed teddy bear. To help get the word out, 20th Century Fox has given the little guy a timeline on Facebook.

Raunchy Teddy Bear Comedy “Ted” Uses Facebook Timeline To Bring Foul, Furry Character To Life

Anyone interested in Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s first live-action flick could go to 20th Century Fox’s obligatory website. There’s another, better option, though. In a marketing move we’re bound to be seeing a lot more of, Ted‘s Facebook home doubles as a personal page for the titular character, and it has a timeline that goes all the way back to the mid-1980s.

Ted stars Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis as a couple whose relationship is threatened by Wahlberg’s foulmouthed, bong-ripping teddy bear, who is alive because of some as-yet-unexplained miracle. Ted’s Facebook timeline tells us some other things we might want to know about him besides his origins. The present-day section, for instance, gives users a glimpse at what the furry mischief-maker is currently like.

Scrolling down a bit further, some clues shed light into whether Ted’s attitude has evolved at all over the course of his formative years. (It appears to have not.)

There’s even an in-joke about 1991-era movie marketing that helps hammer home the differences in how movies are sold today. (With more content.)

If you want to pick up even more of what Ted is throwing down, watch the red-band trailer below in all of its raunchy glory.

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