• 04.02.12

Say Hello To TERII, Honda’s Answer To Auto Theft

In a new ad, Honda debuts its its anti-theft negotiator TERII–you’d be wise not to cross her.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a motor vehicle is stolen every 33 seconds–a shocking reality that leaves many car owners fearful, wondering what they can do to avoid becoming a statistic. Honda has answered the call for better preventative measures against theft with their revolutionary Theft Evasion Response Intelligent Interface, or TERII, set to be included in all 2013 vehicles.


In lieu of standard theft deterrents like blaring sirens and honking horns that most people have become accustomed to tuning out, TERII is an anti-theft negotiator, utilizing state-of-the-art touchpoint biometric technology to identify the driver or a potential car thief–the latter being subjected to intense psychological manipulation. Developed with the help of hostage negotiators and cognitive psychologists, TERII reasons with those of ill intent, ratcheting up her rhetoric to intimidating warnings if not left alone.

Honda’s ad shows TERII in action against a persistent car thief, ending with a string of rather terrifying threats that show the limited extent of her mercy and the full of extent of her effectiveness. With many features still in beta, it’s only a matter of time before Honda rolls out a fully integrated campaign to highlight TERII’s groundbreaking technology. But what’s truly innovative are the lengths companies are going to these days to pull off April Fool’s Day pranks–Honda (and its agency, RPA) included.

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