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Snoop Dogg Invites You To Read His Lyrics Just Before Burning One With “Rolling Words”

Hip-hop’s smokiest superstar has released his own line of rolling papers–and a promotional book with his lyrics conveniently printed on the papers/pages.

Snoop Dogg Invites You To Read His Lyrics Just Before Burning One With “Rolling Words”

Over the years, rapper and all-purpose media personality Snoop Dogg has lent his name to all manner of commercial endeavors, ranging from a highly questionable Girls Gone Wild installment to his sure-why-not Peewee football league. It may have taken a while to get here, but Snoop Dogg has finally released a product that makes perfect sense(imilia).

Despite having been arrested for marijuana possession as recently as this past January, Snoop Dogg still wears his love for ganja on his sleeves. Now you can share in the love of the hazy rapper’s herb of choice by purchasing King Size Slim, his signature line of papers. Not content to simply put his stamp of approval on the papers, Snoop (with the help of agency Pereira & O’Dell) has created a promotional pack with his own lyrics printed on the pages–a smokable songbook. Now smoking-inclined fans have an easier way to read lyrics that were written in the mental state they themselves are about to enter.

In a hilarious video introducing the Rolling Words booklet, Snoop is sitting at a table, smiling as ever, and showing off the item like a proud papa. “The book is made of, you know, hemp materials,” he says. “The cover is twine, as you can see. Real thick material right there, to get it together.”

The agency says the Rolling Words book is currently available only for “elite distribution” but that a limited edition may also be released online. Those attending this year’s Coachella festival can sample Snoop’s brand of rolling papers, which will appear as removable tabs on posters around the venue.

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