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MOG Brings Multi-Tasking to the Table With an App Upgrade


While everyone waits to see just what Apple's music streaming service will turn out to be, it's down to the smaller firms to lead the way. And, although everyone thought it would be Spotify taking the plaudits on the music streaming front in the U.S., it's actually an American firm that's way out ahead at the moment. MOG, which was first off the mark with a mobile app, has now gone one better. It's upgraded said iOS 4 app, for both iPhone 4 and iPhone Touch, which allows multitasking. Hurrah!

The app-grade has another rather spanky string to its bow: It allows you to control external hardware, such as docks and remote controls (although why you want a control to control a remote control is beyond me). The upgrade is, at the moment, iOS 4-compatible, so Android users will have to hold their horses for a bit.

With Spotify seemingly out of the running at the moment—the Swedes are losing their design chief to Facebook—and a big prize in the offing as digital music turns from ownership to loanership, MOG is forging ahead. It's got a library of 8.75 million tracks, thanks to a deal with Merlin, an all-you-can-eat style deal that costs $9.99 a month, as well as its original network of music blogs. And now it's got the multi-tasking aspect sewn up.