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How Drones Are Infiltrating The Art World

Drones–they’re not just for war anymore. Increasingly, they are a fact of civilian life–a fact that cries out for artistic intervention. Here, a gallery of the best drone-inspired art.

News recently leaked about the NYPD possibly (read: probably) using drone aircraft to surveil Gotham, and yet, government-run domestic drone patrols have been greeted with only tiny peeps from the mainstream media. Rather, most outlets seem to focus on–and take great umbrage with–a recent government decision that permits citizens with the means to fly bots in civilian airspace.

Thankfully, we’ve got artists to remind us just how closely our reality has come to resemble the most plausibility-stretching bits of a William Gibson novel. Click through the slide show above for a showcase of some of the artists most creatively using drones as a medium to talk about this cool and terrifying technology.


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