• 03.29.12

Heineken’s Bottle Design Contest Finds Its Winners

A freelance designer and a design student emerge from 30,000 entries to win Heineken’s anniversary campaign design competition.

After an exhaustive search, Heineken has found the winners of its contest to design a new beer bottle. No need to worry about the famous green bottle disappearing, though, this new iteration is for the brand’s forthcoming Limited Edition anniversary gift pack.

The winning designs

Freelance designer Lee Dunford of Sydney, Australia and design student Rodolfo Kusulas of Monterrey, Mexico are the dual winners of the bottle-designing competition celebrating Heineken’s 140th birthday next year.

The crowdsourcing competition was based on Facebook, where aspiring designers had to submit an image symbolizing how people will connect “in the next 140 years.” The two winning designs will be paired together on the front and back of one bottle in the gift pack, representing The Future. Good old greenie will represent the present, and two earlier versions will represent the past. A million bottles bearing the winning design will be sold around the world.

Browse through some of the best of the contest finalists in the gallery above.

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