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David Beckham, Katy Perry, Other Fit Folks Run For Adidas

In an ad for Adidas’ new ClimaCool Seductions, a host of definitively fit people demonstrate that “Everybody runs.”

David Beckham, Katy Perry, Other Fit Folks Run For Adidas
[youtube RzKXoZbghEg]

Given his line of work, David Beckham has a lot of running to do. Ditto Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi and the NBA’s Derrick Rose. Katy Perry may never have to sprint past a guard to make it to any goal line, but she has her own reasons for running, hence her inclusion with the group in Adidas’ latest ad.

Adidas kicks off a campaign to promote the new, well-ventilated ClimaCool Seductions with an ad entitled “Everybody Runs.” Watching the minute-long clip, you can see the difference in running styles between Beckham, who really just goes for it; Rose, who seems to be working up to something; Perry, who looks like she’s having a good time; and the costumed participants of the San Francisco Marathon, who are definitely having a good time, especially the guy dressed as a robot.

Have a closer look at Beckham and Perry (and, of course, their shoes) in the videos below.

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