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“Sh*t Kids Say” Isn’t A Joke

Britain’s NSPCC flips a YouTube meme on its head for a PSA promoting child safety.

“Sh*t Kids Say” Isn’t A Joke

From “Shit Girls Say” down to the most granular follow-up, the meme of YouTube videos comically stereotyping what various groups purportedly say has been around for a minute or so. Now it’s being flipped on its head by Britain’s nonprofit National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. The video, simply titled “The $#*! Kids Says” with no further explanation, begins with 30 seconds of children spouting mostly funny kid things. Then there’s a girl giving her dolly “some vodka.” There’s a boy who doesn’t have a bedtime because his mother comes home super late.

By the time it hits that you’re watching children who may be in unsafe family situations, the clip drops its kicker on you: “It could be nothing, but it could be something. If you’re worried and need advice, don’t wait until you’re certain.” A bold phone number flashes, and there’s even a link for children to click to call the help center online. The web-savvy campaign, from Inferno London, is also being rolled out on the NSPCC’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

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