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Shredding With Shazam: How “Red Bull Supernatural” Plans To Tap The App

NBC’s “Red Bull Supernatural” utilizes Shazam’s media discovery technology to give fans a first-person view of this Saturday’s action on the slopes.

Shredding With Shazam: How “Red Bull Supernatural” Plans To Tap The App

The handy app known for music discovery will allow snowboarding fans another angle on the Red Bull Supernatural competition on Saturday. Shazam has teamed up with NBC on Red Bull Supernatural to allow users to tag the show’s audio and unlock POV footage from megastar boarders including Travis Rice, Gigi Ruf, Terje Haakonsen, and John Jackson.

Given the fact Red Bull Supernatural’s backcountry course was custom built with intense drops and vertigo-inducing jumps, fans can expect to watch dizzying tricks on their smartphone or tablet and still have the panoramic vantage point on their TV.

There will be audio and visual prompts during the show to encourage people to use the app to see exclusive “Contour” point-of-view footage from select riders. Competitors like Rice and John Jackson will also be referring their social network followers to the app.

Supernatural is part of Red Bull’s Signature Series on NBC and NBC Sports, a range of snowboarding, mountain biking, freestyle motocross, ice cross downhill, skiing, and BMX events held on custom courses.

Check out a teaser of what to expect this Saturday.

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