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H2Oh! Proves Figure Skating Is For Everyone

A family discovers something they can all agree on, albeit for different reasons, in a new ad for PepsiCo beverage H2Oh!

H2Oh! Proves Figure Skating Is For Everyone

There’s a good reason why most houses have televisions in every room–it’s rare that whole families are willing to sit still long enough to watch something together, let alone find something they can all agree on. In an Argentinian ad for PepsiCo beverage H2Oh!, though, one family finds out that figure skating is the tie that binds.

Created by BBDO Argentina, the ad begins with a nuclear family sitting down to dinner. The mother and teenage daughter perk up when a figure skating program comes on the TV nearby. The father and teenage son, meanwhile, look stricken as they exchange a defeated glance at each other. As the female half of the family visibly delights in the pageantry and physical grace of the sport, the male half discovers their own way in. Call it a win-win.

The brand has a fine track record for exploring the joys of family life in its ads. See a previous, wonderfully absurd ad below.

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