Samsung Gives Projection Mapping A Little Face Time

We’ve seen projection mapping used to make people appear to be somewhere they’re not. Now Samsung has used the same technology to make a person appear to be somebody he isn’t.

Lisbon-based digital agency Excentric used projection mapping, that is, the transposing of 3-D visual effects over physical spaces, on a living, breathing human in an ad launching Samsung’s first two-SIM-card smartphone, the Galaxy Y Duos. Said human spends the entirety of the ad, entitled “Explore Your Dual World,” sitting still in a chair. The effects start out simple enough; our seat-bound star goes from a ghastly pallor to a healthy tan in two seconds. Soon enough, he’s experimenting with sunglasses and facial hair, while his outfit changes to that of a superhero, a space captain, and beyond. Eventually his face is sectioned into a thousand little pieces, which appear to break off and flutter away.

This isn’t the first time Samsung has integrated humans into projection mapping displays for an ad. Watch the video below for the dancing launch of the company’s switch grip camcorder, the HMX-Q10.