Your Favorite 1980s Villains Today: Freddy and Jason Are Not Handling Old Age Well

The years have not been kind to Michael Myers. Then again, he wasn’t too kind himself.

The villain from the Halloween movies joins a host of other characters in photographer and creative director Federico Chiesa’s latest project, Horror Vacui. This collection of visuals imagines what the scariest characters from the horror movies of the 1980s (and also Darth Vader) would look and be like had they survived into senior citizenship. Since Freddy Kreuger was already decrepit and badly burned, he doesn’t look much worse for the wear. As for the spooky twin girls who haunting the Shining hotel, it turns out they really did want to play with Danny Torrance forever and ever.

Browse through the gallery above for all the images, and perhaps closure on some childhood issues involving nightmares.

Via Juxtapoz. See Chiesa’s work here.