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Wheat Thins Encourages Tracy Morgan, Alex Trebek: “Do What You Do”

In a pair of new ads, Tracy Morgan and Alex Trebek play to type.

Wheat Thins Encourages Tracy Morgan, Alex Trebek: “Do What You Do”

Over the weekend, Wheat Thins debuted two new short ads starring some familiar faces. Similar to the most recent commercial for the snack cracker, which had Stewie Griffin and Brian the Dog from Family Guy re-enacting their oft-quoted Cool Whip routine, the new ads, from agency Being, are focused on emphasizing the tagline, “Do What You Do.”

In the first ad, promoting Wheat Thins’ new Spicy Buffalo flavor, Tracy Morgan plays up the insane-person image he has forged with 30 Rock and tabloid scandals. He lives in a warped, Peewee’s Playhouse-inspired space with real gerbils in transparent bubbles and a wall that’s a giant smiley face.

The second ad features Canadian quizmaster, Alex Trebek, who apparently prefers the new Zesty Salsa flavor of Wheat Thin. Thanks to this clip, once and for all, we finally know what the Jeopardy! host is like at a party. (It turns out he’s a lot like Alice Cooper in Wayne’s World.)

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