We’re Going To Mars This Weekend; Here’s What It Looks Like

Early in the morning of August 6, NASA’s Curiosity Rover will–if everything goes right–touch down on Mars and begin the most detailed exploration of the red planet for evidence that organic material was, or could be, present. In honor of that event, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center has released a series of gorgeous photos of the Martian surface, so we know what things will be like for Curiosity once it lands and begins its mission.

As you wait for the launch and then hold your breath during the so-called Seven Minutes of Terror as the rover plummets through the atmosphere, take a look at the amazing dunes, craters, and mountains of the fourth planet from the sun.

For a little more background (and a chuckle), check out this video from Pando Daily, sung to the tune of David Bowie’s “Life on Mars,” that sums up the basic background of Curiosity and what it’s looking for:

Via DviceMC