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Geico Taste Tests Reveal That Low Rates Are Delicious

Latest ads give a classic frame of reference for comparing competition: the taste test. Never mind that it’s physically impossible to taste car insurance.

Geico Taste Tests Reveal That Low Rates Are Delicious
[youtube H3oSvSX483w]

The taste test is an ages-old advertising staple that never seems to work out too well for Brand X. It’s such an effective way to prove the palate-pleasing taste of one comestible over the other that Geico is now getting in on the action, despite the fact that it boasts an inedible service.

The latest campaign from the car insurance company–known for its multi-tiered approach to advertising and running a range of different campaigns at once–features non-actors participating in taste tests they may or may not realize are purely metaphorical. Created by Richmond-based The Martin Agency, the ads show a sweater-vested man presenting two similarly reddish-hued liquids to curious participants. These folks seem perfectly credulous despite the fact that what they are drinking is described in terms of how much money it will save them. Their visceral reaction to whatever is in Brand X’s cup, however, is priceless.

Below is another of the new taste test ads, as well as a sampling of Geico’s other recent campaigns.

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