• 03.21.12

Good Deeds Take The Place Of Cash At Anthon Berg’s “Generous Store”

Danish chocolatier Anthon Berg opens a pop-up store in Copenhagen that accepts the promise of generous deeds, not currency, in exchange for its confections.

Good Deeds Take The Place Of Cash At Anthon Berg’s “Generous Store”
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Something is delicious in the state of Denmark. That would be the goods at Danish chocolatier Anthon Berg‘s Copenhagen pop-up shop. Something innovative is there too, though.


In the spirit of generosity, and with the help of creative agency Robert/Boisen & Like-minded, when the company’s “Generous Store” popped up last month, every item in stock was set at a very reasonable price point: free. Well, not entirely free. Each chocolatey morsel came with a price tag colored in Anthon Berg’s signature pink. Instead of a dollar amount, each of these had a generous gesture for the consumer to perform for a loved one (“Serve breakfast in bed”), or a poor behavior to curb instead (“No talking behind your girlfriend’s back for a month.”) Hmm, actually, if that last one is considered a good deed then you might both be in the wrong relationship, but that’s beside the point.

In lieu of cash registers, workers at the store roamed around with iPads to help the customers “check out,” as it were. This process entailed making a pledge on Facebook to fulfill the requirements of the designated deed. Doing so not only ensured a wave of Anthon Berg mentions rippling out across social media, but that the resultant transparency would shame the chocolate lovers into carrying out their deeds.

Apparently it worked too, as Anthon Berg’s Facebook wall is now pleasantly plastered with pictures of couples giving each other massages and serving breakfast in bed–and presumably not saying anything bad behind each other’s backs for a few days.

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