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Skittles Ads Need to Borrow Your Finger For Just A Second

Prepare to “fail the rainbow” in the reliably weird Skittles Touch ads.

Skittles Ads Need to Borrow Your Finger For Just A Second

Hot on the heels of the recent “Bleachers” ad, Skittles has returned with a batch of additions to its ongoing “[blank] the Rainbow” series. Have no fear, these latest are just as bonkers as usual, but with an interactive twist.

The brand delighted fans with an “interactive” web spot back in 2011 that involved viewers digits. The same device is used in the new ads, developed by agency BBDO Toronto, wherein an announcer invites viewers to place their finger on the screen at a spot marked by a Skittle, and thereby “touch something you could never touch before.” Although the individual ads couldn’t be more different from each other in every way except tone, they all use this conceit of your finger being part of the action in interesting ways. For instance, in the video above, a princess must kiss your apparently free-floating finger in order to turn it into her prince. The only problem is that she doesn’t seem to know what a kiss is supposed to be, and you will probably end up feeling sorry for your poor finger.

Watch all the rest of the Skittles Touch ads below. (Complete the rainbow.)

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