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Axe Goes Soft: New Campaign Recognizes The Girlfriends

Agency BBH London creates five new Nick Offerman-narrated spots for Axe that show women in a new light–sort of.

Axe Goes Soft: New Campaign Recognizes The Girlfriends

A perfect 10 of a bombshell fawns over the most average of average dudes in a PDA session that could turn NSFW at any moment. How, you might ask? A spritz of Axe body spray, of course. So has been the formula for the company’s ads in the past: Joe blow lands a girl (or 50) far out of his league courtesy of some extreme smelling deodorant. However, in a series of one-minute spots for its new line of shower gels, Axe is taking a slightly different tack: Our heroes already have the girls, now it’s an issue of keeping them and their unique personalities satisfied. Created by agency BBH London, the ads, narrated by Nick Offerman, pair the five shower gels and their “sensory properties” to the five types of girlfriend (in Axe world): brainy, party, flirty, sporty, and high-maintenance.

While the ads still have the classic Axe hallmarks (there’s still plenty of fawning, female stereotyping and even the overt hinting of a threesome) there’s some relative progress here in that Axe’s once one-dimensional T&A interpretation of “fantasy woman” is now an actual person, and the Axe-man is looking to please her (well, please her so that she will in turn please him). Small steps…

Watch a selection of the spots below.

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