Can You Be Hyponotized By A Website? Find Out Via Hyundai’s Online Experiment

You are getting very, very sleepy–which is not a good thing if you’re driving a car, but is actually optimum for a hypnotic driving simulation.

Imagine going for a test drive without ever leaving your house or even using any augmented reality equipment. Imagine no further because this is really happening. In its latest ad campaign, created by Fitzroy, Amsterdam, Hyundai is seeking to recreate the experience of driving its model i30 through one of the more unusual methods imaginable: hypnosis. The car manufacturer has partnered up with Australia’s “Evil Hypnotist,” Peter Powers, for a 17-minute online experience which purports to hypnotize viewers right through their computer screens. Aside from the length, the reason this video is online is because broadcasting it on TV would be illegal.

Hyundai also released a trailer for the video, which shows Powers demonstrating on three test subjects. After a warning informs us that everything we’re about to see is real, three non-actors are put into a deep stasis and then made to engage in a series of humiliating behaviors with the Hyundai i30. Although viewers at home probably won’t end up caressing a car, dancing in thrall to it, or feeling insulted by it, there’s only one way to find out.

Go to Hyundai’s dedicated webpage here for the actual hypnosis experience. If you dare, that is.JB