Wrecking Crew Orchestra Defies Dance Physics With “Tron” Suits

Move over, Jabbawockeez. Sure, those America’s Best Dance Crew winners may have some cool masks, but do they have electroluminescent light suits? They do not. Those belong to Japan’s best dance crew.

Wrecking Crew Orchestra is an eight-man team from Japan who don wireless light suits straight out of the movie Tron, which were custom-designed by lighting-tech company, iLuminate. While performing in the suits on a pitch-black stage, the dancers appear to, well, disappear every time the lights on their suits stutter. This allows the group to pull off some precisely timed sequences that seem impossible.

When all eight members of the crew are spread out across the stage in darkness and their suits light up in a ripple effect, the result is a stop-motion flipbook come to life, with a pulverizing dubstep soundtrack. At other times, one of the crew will have his suit turned off and help another member who is lit up do flips in slow motion, giving the illusion of manipulated gravity.

Below, you can watch a video of iLuminate’s suits used in a recent Michael Jackson tribute, a Making Of video from Sony Experia which used the dancers in a commercial, and choreographer David Parsons’ famous performance piece, “Caught,” which made pioneering use of a strobe effect back in 1987.

Hat tip to Colossal