Australian Beer XXXX Sends Its Drinkers To A Private Island

The sunny private island has long been a prime setting for beer commercials. Now Australian brewer XXXX has taken the concept out of commercials and into reality with its very own island.

Yes, XXXX Island is an actual place that exists, and not just in joke form or the fantasies of someone who’s had one XXXX too many. The company purchased the island with the aim of converting it into the “ultimate destination for mates’ trips away.” Developed by agency BMF, it’s located in the Southern Great Barrier Reef, and is set to open in October.

As of now, the amenities on the island include fishing and drinking XXXX, but the company is actively soliciting suggestions on how to make the place better (judging by some of the offerings, that means “more like a beer commercial”). Anyone with ideas is welcome to submit them on the website, where other beer fans will vote on them. The top five ideas will earn their creators a spot on the island to test them out. Some of the current ideas include a fishing/BBQ pit pontoon boat and a bar equipped for Table Ultimate Frisbee.

XXXX also promises to introduce other challenges and contests both online and in packaging between now and October that will give others a chance to visit the island.

Clearly geared toward men, the video makes it look as though women are unwelcome on the island. It would be interesting, though, if it turned out that the concept was created by a cabal of woman who wanted to keep the mainland clear of the kind of men who wish to live inside a beer commercial.JB