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Method Has Fun In The Name Of Cleanliness

The new “Clean Happy” campaign subtly sells household products with one party of a music video.

Method Has Fun In The Name Of Cleanliness

Housecleaning is a tough thing to give a cool sheen. Swimming against that fast tide, environmentally savvy household product company Method has scrubbed out drudgery and infused lightheartedness into its new “Clean Happy” campaign. The two-minute kickoff clip is essentially a music video set to “Young Blood” by Foster the People-ish indie rockers The Naked and Famous. Sticking with that hip theme visually, the clip has the distinct feel of one of OK Go’s many viral video successes, both in the carefully coordinated ensemble (and the colors, and the hats, and the glasses) and the uplifting vibe.

With out-there visuals like a sweatsuited nose-head man and a lady skateboarding through soap-bubble-esque balloons, chores go entirely un-invoked. The clip, produced by Mekanism and directed by Tommy Means, concludes with a friendly call to action: “We Are the People Against Dirty. Join Us And Clean Happy.” It won’t be the only time you’ll be invited to pick a side on the war against dirt, either–the Facebook- and YouTube-heavy campaign, which is pointedly avoiding traditional advertising outlets like print, will continue rolling out minute-long videos monthly.