Use Your Phone To Control A Banner-Based Parrot AR Drone

The AR Drone, that coveted geek gift, is the world’s first four-propeller helicopter piloted by the user’s smartphone. As its tagline plainly states, it is an actual flying video game–one that uses augmented reality to gamify the drone’s flight.

Tokyo-based agency Beacon created a flying banner ad for Parrot that gives users a sample of what it’s like to handle the real thing. When the banner comes up on the screen, so does a QR code–that much unloved stopgap technology that appears in magazines and on billboards. In this instance, though, the QR code converts your cell phone into a remote control for the AR Drone that suddenly appears on your screen. And you can use your phone to make that drone fly around and lay waste to the screen with Michael Bay-like efficiency. Considering the combative nature of the actual item, this is one instance in which the gameplay aspect of a campaign matches that of the product.

For a better look at the AR Drone in action, watch the video below: