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Party Demonstrates The Circle Of Life Using Sony Devices And One Continuous Take

Japanese creative collective Party takes its fascination with multiple screens to the next level in its latest ad for Sony.

Party Demonstrates The Circle Of Life Using Sony Devices And One Continuous Take

In previous ads and music videos, creative collective Party has shown a demonstrated interest in carefully coordinating multiple screens; whether synced up to create a single image, or as pieces of a technological ensemble. The group’s latest effort, an ad for Sony, continues the trend of conducting screens as though they were orchestral instruments, only this time it’s in the service of showing a young girl’s journey through life.

Even for Party this is an ambitious undertaking, involving 70 performers using 200 devices. “Screen Story” takes place in a large room where everything is dark, save for the glow of several Sony tablets of various sizes, and the occasional phone. The performers transport these tablets around the room in one continuous tracking shot, often with one representing the main character in the foreground and several others following along and comprising the background. As complicated as it is to explain, it is that much a marvel to watch.

The ad starts with the lead as a baby crawling toward her father, who is on a separate tablet. In the first of many clever touches, the crawling baby becomes a walking schoolgirl when the tablet is flipped from landscape to portrait. Later, she will kick a soccer ball that travels through the portal of multiple tablets to land in the net of a final screen (in the background several performers cheer in the darkness).

The premise is impeccably executed all the way through to the young woman spawning a baby. It’s the entire life cycle, as demonstrated by Party, in what is an effective entry in Sony’s Make.Believe campaign.

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