Hahn Explores Innovation In Drinking With The Hahn Academy

College kids call it a “party foul” when you spill a drink on yourself or anyone else. Australian beer brand Hahn may just have a solution for the problem, though.

Okay, they actually don’t. But they may have the next best thing: a genuinely funny ad dedicated to this particular annoyance.

The commercial begins with a title card presenting Hahn Academy’s Beer Predicament #3. You see, this ad is only the latest in an ongoing series created by Australian agency Publicis Mojo, which is focused on the theme of Pioneering Beering. The next title card shows a question: “Dear Hahn, I am often jostled in busy bars, spilling my beer everywhere. Can you help?”

Apparently, Hahn’s scientists have an entire laboratory called the Hahn Academy devoted to solving such problems, and they have their best people on the case. Visitors to the Hahn Academy site can submit their own beer predicaments to be solved by the brewer’s team, or watch videos of other drinking issues being addressed. Watch an experiment in Non-stick Beer Mat creation below.

See an earlier example of Publicis Mojo’s work for Hahn below.