Jake Gyllenhaal Goes Full-On American Psycho In The Shoes’ New Video

For a song called “Time to Dance,” this video sure has a lot of murders in it.

Jake Gyllenhaal gives a haunting performance in the new clip by French dance-rockers The Shoes, as a party bystander with an incurable case of bloodlust. At the start of the video, our villain watches what amounts to a living Calvin Klein ad unfold in someone’s apartment–shabbily dressed bohemians dancing sexy with each other. Soon, inspired by boredom or something else (his motives are utterly inscrutable), Gyllenhaal dons a fencing mask and pretends to attack the female half of the couple with a saber. Then he does it for real.

The rest of the video, which was directed by Daniel Wolfe, juxtaposes scenes of bloody murder in nightclubs and open fields with mundane scenes of an intermittently bearded Gyllenhaal going to the gym and getting a haircut. At nearly nine minutes, it’s an epic in miniature, and one that is guaranteed to make your next viewing of Brokeback Mountain a lot more interesting. The only lingering question is how a French music video possibly beat Hollywood to the punch in producing a killer who’s decked out in fencing gear.

Watch The Shoes and Daniel Wolfe’s previous collaboration below.