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Take My Picle: Made By Many’s New Storytelling App Debuts At SXSW

Alex Harding of digital agency Made by Many unveils Picle, an attractive app that combines photos and audio into a shareable story. The shop is launching Picle at SXSW.

Take My Picle: Made By Many’s New Storytelling App Debuts At SXSW

The novelty of telling a story through photos and audio calls back a certain nostalgia that video can’t touch–and Alex Harding, Interaction Designer at digital agency Made by Many, has captured that sentiment in an iPhone app.

Picle allows you to snap images and record audio at the same time, compiling your sound and visual bites into a shareable story. The idea for Picle came about during Harding’s quest for an elevated photographic journey. A fan of Instagram, Harding wanted to take the visually social experience to a new level by incorporating sound and used a seaside trip with his girlfriend to test what would eventually evolve into Picle.

Picle is the latest player in what seems to be a revival of throwback storytelling–a deliberate step backward to a midway point between static images and video. Earlier this year, SoundCloud teamed up with Instagram to create Story Wheel, a website where you can upload photos and record soundbites to a create slide show presentation. Streamlining the process by allowing you to do both at once, Picle could leave your iPhone’s video recording feature feeling a little lonely.

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