Hornbach Dramatizes How You Feel When You Fix The Deck

Making our way through each day, sometimes we tend to view our own lives through a cinematic lens. In the case of the guy in German DIY chain Hornbach’s latest ad, the movie he envisions during some standard home improvements is Terrence Malick’s metaphysical tour de force, Tree of Life.

The ad, created by Berlin-based agency Heimat and directed by Martin Krejci, opens with a frustrated homeowner failing to connect hammer-to-nail on a board in the new deck he’s building. It’s not going well. When he tries pounding the nail one last time, though, the trajectory looks pretty accurate and time slows down to a languid torpor. Creatures throughout the known universe and beyond suddenly take notice and cheer as the hammer makes its glacial descent toward its target; creatures which include a gasping deer and a cherub. In his idealized image, the fate of the world seems to hinge on whether or not this nail is going to get hit. Which is exactly the feeling Hornbach would like to help its customers achieve.

For a German DIY chain, Hornbach has an impressive body of ad work. Have a look at some of the brand’s other work below.