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Skittles Compares Itself To Infectious Disease In New Ad

Asking consumers to “contract the rainbow,” Skittles’ latest ads are typically bizarre and mildly disturbing.

Skittles Compares Itself To Infectious Disease In New Ad

At some point in the past decade, fruit-flavored candy Skittles’ advertising came to define a certain brand of deadpan absurdity, exemplified in commercials like the classic “Piñata” in 2008. The latest ads to emerge from the Skittles camp fail to hit the same intersection between madness and brilliance, but they definitely make an impression.

“Bleachers” is DDB Chicago’s first ad with the company since taking over the account. It takes place near the titular area of a high school, where a ginger-haired student and his ladyfriend–both straight out of Napoleon Dynamite central casting–have met up to discuss something important. It turns out that our hero, whose face and entire body are freckled with Skittles, has been diagnosed with Skittlepox, and it just may be contagious.

Watch some of the other new ads below.

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