Richard Branson’s Life Story Stars In New Virgin Campaign

Richard Branson’s image is equal parts egocentric and eccentric, so it makes sense that Virgin‘s latest campaign would launch with a faux-autobiographical ad called “The Fantastic Tale of Young Branson,” along with its new tagline.

“This is Richard Branson and he is here to service you,” an announcer says while the man himself lounges on his own spaceship, a red high heel floating by. That’s not the tagline–that would be “A Higher Calling”–but it might as well have been.

In the new spot, we meet toddler Branson, who already has his signature Van Dyke beard and an affinity for the spaceships he would one day aspire to commercialize. Soon, he is proprietor of what looks to be the most badass lemonade stand of all times, complete with dance tent and DJ booth–perhaps a nod to the Virgin Mobile Festivals he would later establish in the U.S. and abroad. Teenage Branson, now with dental headgear, doesn’t have much success communicating his ideas for cheap unlimited data–either to his friends, or to the young lady who apparently receives these ideas in lieu of pillow talk. As we all know, however, Branson would eventually have better luck communicating his ideas.

Along with the new ad and the launch of “A Higher Calling” is the launch of Virgin Mobile Live, an entertainment blog with daily original content, accessible through all conceivable social media outlets.

Below is a web message from Branson, explaining the new initiative.