Coca-Cola to Facebook Fans: Riddle Me This

Coca-Cola to Facebook Fans: Riddle Me This

Coca-Cola wasted no time after last week’s launch of Timeline Pages for brands on Facebook in launching its own Timeline and an accompanying social media initiative. It’s not unusual that the new venture, a series of splashily animated single-serving webgames collectively called Coke Sitelets, would be introduced to Coke’s 40 million-odd Facebook fans. The only catch, however, was that users had to know their way around a riddle in order to find them.

Aspiring soft drink sleuths had to first solve this cryptic clue posted by Coke:

It’s warm and sandy, right under your feet
By this crackling fire, good friends will meet.
Fun music is played, by women and men
You’ll think to yourself, “When can we do this again?”
There’s nothing more that I desire,
Than hanging out at A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .com

Once users deciphered that the clue was “beach bonfire,” they could go on to the first Sitelet–the California Beach Bonfire–and clink out a melody on a trio of empty Coke bottles which together comprised a sand-bound xylophone.

More riddles followed, including one that guided fans to a second Sitelet. Blowing Bubbles in the Sky fills the big blue dome on screen with pillowy clouds, and involves a slightly more sophisticated game, where users can blow bubbles with their computer’s built-in microphone.

These two initial Coke Sitelets were created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam and more of the Sitelets will roll out over the next few months. The latest riddle is below.

Set them up row after row
Knock them down and watch them go
It’s a toy that the whole world knows
The simple joy of F _ ll _ _ _ D _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .com