Budweiser Toasts The Return Of The Winnipeg Jets

The feel-good ad of the day is here, courtesy of Budweiser. Less an ad than a short film, “Pride of Winnipeg,” from agency Anomaly New York, commemorates a historic sports moment and the pride of a city.

Last fall, the Winnipeg Jets made their triumphant return to Canada after 15 years as the Atlanta Thrashers. It was the first time any NHL team had been relocated since 1997, and the people of Winnipeg rallied in support of restoring the Jets name back to the team when they arrived.

In order to help the city’s sports fans celebrate, official Jets sponsor Budweiser sealed three vessels with water collected from iconic Winnipeg locations. The ad shows fans on their way into Jets’ home, the MTS Centre for the inaugural game, blessing the water with their best wishes. While some of the water was poured onto the ice so the team could skate on those good vibes, Budweiser brewed the remaining water and packaged it into a special limited edition “Fan Brew” and put the Jets’ logo on the case.

For another dose of Budweiser’s recent feel-good approach, watch the beer company’s Super Bowl ad here.