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Watch Cartier’s Two-Years-In-The-Making “Odyssey” Film

Commercial director Bruno Aveillan delivers “L’Odyssée de Cartier,” a stunning spot for Cartier that’s been two years in the making.

Watch Cartier’s Two-Years-In-The-Making “Odyssey” Film

Luxury jeweler Cartier invites you on a gorgeous (not to mention blinged out) CGI journey–with a fearless roaming panther as your guide. Helmed by the French commercial director Bruno Aveillan, “L’Odyssée de Cartier” is an international fantasy ride condensing Cartier’s 165-year history into a 3.5-minute spot of epic proportions.

The commercial opens on a quiet Parisian night outside 13 rue de la Paix with a bejeweled panther on display in Cartier’s shop window. All seems fairly normal until a beam of light shines in and shatters the panther’s coat of diamonds in a dazzling display of liberation that culminates in our feline hero breaking free from its lavish habitat onto a snow laden street in Russia. So as not to give away too much of the odyssey, just know that Cartier’s iconic panther makes stops in China and India as well–what happens in those countries is definitely worth seeing for yourself, but it should definitely be noted that Aveillan does a brilliant job of seamlessly weaving together the jewelry house’s history of royalty and luxury.

The film, from Paris agency Marcel, was shot in locations including Prague, Spain, the Dolomites, and Paris, where the panthers were filmed at the Cartier store at 13 Rue de la Paix, and also includes CG recreations of locations in Russia, China, and India.

The commercial is viewable on Cartier’s Facebook page, on a dedicated site and will make its television debut this Sunday. Updated: here’s the YouTube version, for faster loading.

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