Co.Create’s Virtual Panel Discussion On Brand Content Wants You

A few of the country’s top marketers and several leading agency players will be discussing content marketing on March 6. Will you?

Co.Create’s Virtual Panel Discussion On Brand Content Wants You

On March 6, Co.Create will host a virtual panel discussion around the topic of brand content.


We’ve assembled an accomplished group of marketers and content creators for a day-long, interactive discussion on this topic. Participants include: Werner Brell, managing director, Red Bull; Linda Boff, global director, marketing communications, GE; Scott Roen, VP, digital, American Express; Noah Brier, co-founder, Percolate and many more, including, we hope, you.

This is meant to be a discussion amongst our various constituencies about the massive topic of content marketing. Our panelists will get the ball rolling, but we want your comments and questions too.

There are three ways you can participate:

Submit comments and questions below the article. We’ll monitor them through the day and pull out the most interesting questions and make sure they’re posed in the article. Be sure to include your name and company in your comment.

Tweet your comments to @FastCoCreate.

Email your comments and questions here.


Think of this as part panel discussion, part Quora, and part moderated Ask Me Anything (only you can only ask about content marketing–let’s keep it relevant).

Here’s what will be up for discussion:

Once mainly advertisers, a growing number of brands are now content creators. By content, we mean everything from a Twitter feed, pins, and blog posts, to web video, apps, and feature films. Content is designed to stand on its own as stuff audiences want to interact with, not a paid interruption to that stuff. In a Co.Create article recently, panel participant Noah Brier summed up: “We’re moving to a point where brand communication is always going to be on … a future where marketing on the web is all about content.”

We want to find out just how and why brands are moving in this direction, and what the results are. How do brands move beyond one-off “branded content” projects and become publishers that have an ongoing, multi-platform voice?

Why create content? Why not just advertise? And which is most effective if you really look at the bottom line?

What are the biggest issues around brand content? From audience reaction, to budget reallocation to talent to corporate culture to measuring results.


How have marketers equipped themselves to be 24/7 publishers, whether through new relationships or building new skill sets?

Is there going to be a backlash against ubiquitous brand content–most of which, let’s face it, isn’t going to be at the standard of Red Bull’s The Art of Flight or American Express’s Open Forum.

Update: The story is live, so head here to lend your opinions and insights to this discussion.

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Teressa Iezzi is the editor of Co.Create. She was previously the editor of Advertising Age’s Creativity, covering all things creative in the brand world.