• 03.01.12

“Tweetaconda” Is a Social Media Campaign, Not A Horror Movie

A Denver museum uses Twitter to get patrons excited about snakes with Tweetaconda. If you’re tweetified of snakes, though, this might not help.

With the help of branding agency Carmichael Lynch, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science has created “Tweetaconda,” which is definitely not the satirical horror movie it sounds like. Instead, Tweetaconda is a social media-harnessing tool that engages with users on a reptilian level. By going to this landing page, curiosity-seekers will come face-to-flickering-tongue with Tweetaconda, a digital snake with the physical dimensions of an actual snake. You can scroll down the length of the spatially accurate serpent on your screen, trying not to imagine the thing unhinging its jaw to swallow your leg whole.


What’s more, the length of the snake grows as users continue to feed it. This belly crawler doesn’t subsist on mice, however, it only eats your tweets. Any messages sent with the hashtag #tweetaconda, or typed in on the above website will help to create the world’s longest digital snake. The more you tweet, the longer it grows. Tweetaconda will hopefully go on to reach a length of more than 32.75 feet, which will make it longer than the largest snake in the world, which was found in Celebes, Indonesia. As more of the scaly serpentine footage is revealed, more snake factoids are posted about the live snakes in the museum’s new lizards and snakes exhibit, which holds more than 60 reptiles from all over the world.

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Joe Berkowitz is a writer and staff editor at Fast Company. His next book, Away with Words, is available June 13th from Harper Perennial.