Volkswagen to Debut Hybrid Beetle

VW Beetle

We recently looked at a Volkswagen Beetle rigged to run on human waste. But for sustainability-happy VW fans who have a hard time stomaching the idea of a, um, dung Beetle, we present a second, more sterile option: the hybrid Beetle.

Autocar reports that VW is planning a “radical design” for the next-generation bug, set to debut at next year’s Detroit auto show. The redesign will include a hybrid Beetle with a drivetrain resembling what was seen on the New Compact Coupe concept at this year’s Detroit show–a lithium-ion battery pack, 20 kilowatt electric motor with a li-ion battery pack, 177 horsepower, 110 pound-feet of torque, and an average of 45 miles per gallon. The hybrid Beetle may not match those numbers exactly, but chances are it will come close.

The Beetle isn’t the only upcoming electric option from VW. Aside from the already-unveiled hybrid Touareg, VW plans to release a hybrid Jetta in 2012 as well as an all-electric Golf in 2013. For the most part, though, VW is sticking with the clean diesel vehicles that it knows best.

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