• 02.27.12

Award For Ensemble Creation: The Mill’s Oscar Graphics

The visual effects house created over 250 separate pieces for Sunday night’s awards ceremony, including the logo of Oscar himself.

The red carpet-ready dresses at Sunday night’s Academy Awards may have been as glamorous as ever, but some of the most visually compelling sights of the night had nothing to do with flesh or fabric.


Visual effects company The Mill L.A. provided the entire graphics package for the Oscar telecast this year, adding an element of tasteful composition to everything from the backdrop behind host Billy Crystal, to the stage projections and title cards for each nomination. The project was spearheaded by The Mill’s L.A. base, but with additional creative contributions from both London and New York. All in all the Mill crew contributed over 250 items for the three-hour event broadcast and the 90-minute pre-show red carpet spectacle, including the logo of Oscar himself.

The project was initiated out of discussions between The Mill and Screens Producer Lee Lodge and the Oscars’ production team, including two-time Oscar winner, Production Designer John Myhre.

Click through the slideshow above for some of the team’s more memorable creations.

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