• 02.27.12

Cadbury Creates Edible Olympians With The Goo Games

In a tie-in with the 2012 Olympics, Cadbury’s new “Goo Games” campaign features a series of TV ads and a Facebook game.

The folks at Cadbury are taking their duties as official sponsors of the 2012 Olympic games very seriously. In order to get consumers into the spirit, the confectioners have created their own parallel mini-Olympics–only this competition takes place between rich, gooey Cadbury Creme Eggs.


The Goo Games, where each event inevitably ends in yolky creme filling splattered everywhere, launched last month with a series of TV ads and a Facebook game. Creative agency Fallon teamed up with Wallace & Gromit’s parents Aardman Animations, to design the TV spots, which have been rolling out over the past four weeks.

The sheer spectacle of hundreds of photorealistic anthropomorphized eggs in motion is enough to make one forget that the Bud Bowl ever happened. Watch some of the ads below, and try not to think too much about the announcer egg who has a walrus-like gray mustache.

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